How To Ask For Help

How To Ask For Help

Being bullied can be a scary experience, but getting help from an outside source is very often the right choice in those situations. Asking for help can be another scary step in the process, but it doesn’t have to be.

Why should you tell someone?

Telling someone what is going on can help you to feel less alone. It can also help you make a plan to deal with and stop the bullying. Remember, telling is not tattling. You deserve to be happy and safe and telling someone about the bullying you are experiencing is a good first step.

Who can you tell?

You might feel most comfortable telling a parent, but if that isn’t the case, here is a short list of others you might consider:

  • Teachers
  • Principal
  • Guidance Counselor
  • School Psychologist
  • Grandparents
  • Coach

Tell whoever you are most comfortable with. Sometimes bullying can involve personal details you might not feel comfortable sharing with just anyone. If the first person you tell doesn’t or can’t help with what you need, don’t feel discouraged in telling someone else. Talk to trusted adults until you get the help and safety you need. 

How you can tell someone

Here are some steps you can take if telling an adult seems scary. We promise it doesn’t have to be and these steps might help you feel better when telling an adult about your bullying experience.

  • Tell the adult that you are asking for advice and help. Make it clear that you are not just venting or complaining about something that doesn’t need fixing. You need help!
  • Emphasize that you want the bullying to stop and that you have been hurt. 
  • Tell them who is involved in the situation, as well as how long it has been going on.
  • Let them know how you feel about what has been happening to you so they can get you the help you need 
  • Decide on specific actions you can each take or take together
  • Thank them for listening and caring


We want you to be safe and telling a trusted adult is a great first step in dealing with bullying. There are things that an adult can do that you might not be able to in these kinds of situations because we want to keep you safe, healthy, and healing. Remember, you are not alone and you have so many people who care about you!



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